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Tankers Built To Last

We provide solutions in powerful, high-volume, high-performance combination units and vacuum tankers for many applications. RTN Clayton Vallely have always maintained an equal focus on environmental issues and legislation by offering all tankers with full approval and certification when built to the Pressure Equipment Directive or to full ADR specification.

We construct vessels in stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloys, aluminium alloys, carbon steels and also vessels which can be lined in rubber, vinyl ester resins, fluoropolymers and sprayed metal.

Our designs include cylindrical, stepped cylindrical, double conical, maximum or elliptical sections, as well as full-framed I.S.O. and demountable tanks. All aspects of fabrication requirements for the manufacture of these vessels are carried out on our site, thereby ensuring total control over quality and production. We have capacity for up to 7,000 mm. continuous automatic welding by keyhole plasma and T.I.G. processes and by combining this with 5.5 metres long powered rolls, are able to construct vessels with the minimum amount of seams.

Working in partnership with many blue chip companies and Hauliers, we have developed solutions and always exceed the statutory requirements. RTN Clayton Vallely never stand still, we naturally embrace all the traditional methods but purposefully move to ensuring our vehicles reflect the advances in technology.

Our Tankers

RTN Clayton Vallely specialise in the manufacture of specialist tankers for the environmental, food and chemical industry. We specialise in trailer and rigid mounted vehicles for many applications always with the purpose of maximising capacity and performance.

Working with industry professionals

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