Greenway Environmental

Greenway Environmental

ADR Tipping Trailer for Greenway Environmental

Greenway Environmental have taken delivery of a brand new RTN Vallely built Full Length Tipping Vacuum Trailer.

Designed and built to ADR regulations for the carriage of hazardous waste, the 27,000 litre tank is fitted with a multi stage tipping ram, allowing the tank to be tipped, thus aiding with the discharge of product.

The unit is fitted with a high performance Samson KM2700 liquid ring pump, powered by a six cylinder Perkins diesel engine, enclosed in a Geminiani silent pack. The Samson liquid ring pump is capable of a flow rate of around 2700 metres cubed per hour (1590 CFM) and is ideal for moving heavy and high density debris products.

The unit is also equipped with a number of other features including, full hydraulic opening rear door, control box enclosing pneumatic switches for all valves, vacuum and pressure circuits as well as easy tank top access via ladder and walkway.