Ray Owen Waste Disposal

Ray Owen Waste Disposal

TK2014 built for Ray Owen waste disposal in Scarborough is a unique bespoke build developed between Ray and Neil Owen and Rtn clayton vallely.

The design scope was a high performance vacuum tanker designed to carry maximum payload but engineered to suit some of the rugged terrain north Yorkshire can offer and to be very versatile in operation.

The Volvo FM 500 was chosen to deliver reliable power whilst also specified for ease of operation with an I shift gearbox, when in pto operation the main engine is used to drive an Omsi transfer box which provides adequate power to drive a water cooled PR250 Jurop vacuum pump providing 950cfm, the jetting performance is a modest 33 GPM @ 150 bar but can be utilized through 200 mts of ½” hose or 150 mts of ¾” hose via two Jurop full hydraulic stainless steel hose reels.

Another one of the design briefs was to eliminate the possibility of being overloaded above the 32,000kg gross vehicle weight, this was eliminated by ensuring the tank capacities would not allow this, the tank is manufactured from 4mm 316 stainless steel to give optimum life but keep weight to a minimum, with a waste capacity of 3000 gallons and a clean water capacity of 600 gallons when fully loaded the vehicle weighs in at just under the 32,000kg gross which achieves what was required.

The vehicle also features a full 14 function remote control, low water automatic shut off and full walkway, safety rail access to the top man lids.