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RCV Ultra Gully

The RCV ultra gully is an 18 tonne combination unit purpose built for the use of cleaning roadside gullies, this is assisted by utilising a manually operated top boom arm conveniently located on the nearside of the truck. The design of the Ultra gully is to assist with maximum speed of cleaning a gully to help operators to achieve the greatest amount of gullies cleaned per shift. This is achieved by locating the controls and equipment needed to operate the machine as close to the work area as possible and operation to be simple but efficient. The ultra-gully is also supplied with a wash-down jetting system which can be used via the boom to assist with heavily silted or blocked gullies by breaking up the silt to assist in its suction and removal. The high pressure water is also usable through a hose reel and jetting nozzle configuration for drain unblocking and cleaning if required. Options on pump Specification are available as well as varying waste and water capacities.

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